It is no secret that Sheriff Davis terminated the employment of some jailers and deputies since becoming sheriff. It is no secret he reprimanded, made reassignments and ordered remedial training.


Sheriff Davis brought accountability to the Sheriff’s Office with a very strong Internal Affairs Division. With State Certification achieved for the first time in Bibb County Sheriff’s Office history, all employees now follow state standards and recognized policies.


Accountability makes for a stronger agency – and for a better Bibb County.

Because Macon-Bibb is a diverse community, each neighborhood has different needs.


One need, though, is consistent for each: SAFETY.


Everyone wants to feel safe in their own homes and on their own streets. Sheriff Davis has spent his time in office making sure the citizens of Bibb County have a way to make their concerns heard and he ensured those concerns are met.


His patrol deputies and investigators respond when needed, and Sheriff Davis enacted many proactive initiatives to help Bibb County neighborhoods move forward.


By devoting efforts to outreach with the Sheriff’s Outreach Section, the community’s needs are addressed through school, church and youth programs and Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch initiatives. 


Sheriff Davis found that getting out into the community and truly listening is making a difference. His Walks for Safety brought about progress in neighborhoods that just needed a little help: overgrown lots have been mowed and cut with inmate work crews; houses in disrepair have been noted and requested to be addressed by County code enforcers; drug dealers have been identified, and afterschool programs have been implemented.


His active Neighborhood Watch and Neighborhood Association participation led to changes in patrol allocation and duties for his Sheriff’s Response Team. He listens to concerns and puts plans in motion to address them.

Progress can be proven in each neighborhood and there are no plans to slow down – only to keep moving forward, changing lives.